Best Bodies’s Boot Camp Workout

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 If you lay it all out during this session, you’re bound to burn at least 500 calories by your last rep. Not to mention, this full-body strength and conditioning workout increases your metabolism so you’ll continue to burn hundreds of calories hours after your session.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds unless reps are noted.

1. Quick Jumping Jacks
2. Windmills
Stand with a wide foot position and arms extended at shoulder height. Reach your right arm across your body touching your left toe. Return to starting position and alternate.
3. Butt kicks
4. High knees
5. Overhead squats to march
With both arms straight above head, drive hips back and lower tailbone toward the ground. After reaching maximum range of motion drive the hips forward and upward.  As you return back to standing position kick your right leg upward and bring your left hand across your body to meet your right foot. Alternate for 30 seconds.

6. Reverse lunge with arm raise (Hip flexor stretch)

7. Spider Steps 

T Pushups

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